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The rrRaw by Chris, Raw Basket!

Sometimes the timing is just perfect, and in the case of a back injury the delivery of a rrRaw by Chris basket filled with delicious goodies to your bedside is nothing less then divine intervention. Okay so maybe I got lucky that I ordered it before I hurt my back, but I’d rather just think of it as my little miracle. Now where was I? Oh yes the raw basket, so it’s taken me a while thanks to my aforementioned injury to write the review (sorry Chris!) but here goes. I love it, I love it, I love it! I love that it comes to my door, I love that I suddenly have a bunch of amazing healthy things to have with my breakfast, I love the variety and all the adorable jars (so that one isn’t food related, but they really are great jars).

Coconut Vanilla Chia Pudding


The first thing I sunk my teeth into was the vanilla chia pudding with stone fruit. I absolutely loved the creamy texture and the pudding was really filling. It doesn’t have that much flavour by itself, but the addition of vanilla and coconut and then as much fresh fruit and berries as you can find creates a fresh and wholesome breakfast that tastes absolutely amazing!

Have I mentioned how awesome chia is before? Its so good for you! Its full of fibre, vitamin c, iron and so much more. Not only did I get a delicious breakfast, but its so good for me too.

Chocolate Avocado Truffles



The next thing I tried was the avocado chocolate truffles, the smell as you open the box is just fantastic, a full on chocolate hit. The truffles themselves have an amazing creamy texture thanks to the avocado and are full of chocolate flavour. They aren’t overly sweet, but they were the right kind of sweet, just naturally delicious and full of flavour. The truffles didn’t last long in our house, but then chocolate treats never do.

Blueberry Rose Superfood Jam



The most vibrant of the foods in my wonderful basket was the rose superfood jam. It was bright and fresh and smelt absolutely amazing as soon as you opened the jar. Although its a jam, my favourite way to eat it was straight from the jar or with my breakfast with fruit, yogurt, or muesli. This jar was full of berry goodness, chia, local honey and spices, it was naturally sweet like the truffles, and so full of flavour it practically exploded in your mouth.

White Chocolate Coconut Mousse



I’d have to say the white chocolate and coconut mousse was the most indulgent of all the goodies. It had a beautiful coconut flavour with a hint of chcolate and was incredibly light and creamy. I had it with fresh fruits for breakfast and couldn’t get over how naughty it felt, my brain kept telling me I shouldn’t be allowed to eat delicious desserts like this for breakfast, but with the goodness of young coconut, cacao butter, raw local honey and a hint of spice, how could I not? That being said I also ate it for dessert, it was a nice light treat after a wholesome meal. The mousse was one of my favourite things to come from the raw basket, I have no doubt I could devour as many jars as I could get my hands on.

Sugar Free Chocolate Grawnola



I tend to have museli or granola for breakfast, so I was very keen to try the sugar free chocolate gRAWnola. There so many yummy ingredients in the jar, lots of crunchy nuts and seeds as well as coconut (my favourite), cacao and a hint of spice. I ate it with a bit of yogurt and fruit and found it to be a filling, light but crunchy meal, there were so many interesting things in every bite. Unlike ordinary granola the coconut made it quite light, and the crunch comes from nuts and seeds, not sweetened and toasted oats, making it so much better for you! It was hard to believe it was sugar free, once again I was left wondering how I could eat something so chocolate-y and so delicious for breakfast, there’s a definite excitement to get up and start the day with chocolate!

And if you’re like me, and get just a little over excited about all the things you can have for breakfast, this is may be what you end up with:


Bread Crisps and Herbed Tomato Pesto
After all that, there was still more to come from the basket, including bread crisps and a tomato pesto. I rather enjoyed eating them together as you can see. The bread crisps were a combination of seeds and nuts as well as a hint of salt. They were crisp and crunchy, they had a lightness to them that I couldn’t quite place because they were quite dense with ingredients.

The bread went perfectly with the lovely tomato pesto, an aromatic tomato hit with a touch of garlic and spice as well the crunch of cashew nut. It would also have been fantastic with pasta or even veggie pasta, but I got a touch carried away and pretty much slathered all of it on my bread crisps.


So maybe raw crisps aren’t supposed to be eaten with double cream brie and vintage cheddar, but that doesn’t mean they don’t taste absolutely amazing with double dream Brie and vintage cheddar (sorry vegans). This is where the rest of my bread crisps went, they complemented the cheese well, I enjoyed the crunch of the crisp with the gooey, creamy cheese.


You can find more about the Raw Basket here, and make sure you’re following Chris (talesofakitchen) on Facebook and Instagram to find out what’s going to be in this weeks basket!

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