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Ley Street Cafe


Nestled on Ley Street and strangely opposite a service station you will find Ley Street cafe. The cafe has a welcoming feel, and is filled with the comforts of home, including child friendly amusements, and an eclectic arrangement of furniture.

Their kitchen is unique, allowing diners to watch the chef cook. It is initially strange but there’s something great about seeing your food being made before your eyes. There’s no pretense of fine dining, just fantastic simple foods and great flavours.


We must confess to being enthralled by the option to order a ‘bucket’ of coffee, and were a little disappointed that it didn’t come in an actual bucket. We liked the idea of it more then the reality. It was an awful lot of coffee for even the most hardened caffeine fiend. The coffee itself was pretty standard, the foam was good considering its size, though it was a bit hot (and held the heat for ages because it was so damn big). At $4.50 it was very cheap for the amount of coffee we got. This was probably not something we’d repeat but an experience to have and an interesting concept nonetheless.


The menu features a lot of bacon and egg based staples, and maple bacon is also a predominate feature. We went for the stuffed french toast and maple bacon, and egg on toast.


The stuffed French toast was a really unique mix of sweet and savoury. Maple bacon was combined with a creamed corn with a touch of spice. The flavour of the bacon was beautiful, sweet and a little barbecue-y, while the toast was fairly well cooked and the corn was really interesting. The dish is an example of a interesting dish, executed well, relying on complementary but simple flavours to bring it together. If you’re on the hunt for good french toast in Perth its worth a visit!


The fried egg and maple bacon on toast was another simple dish done well. The bacon was similarly delicious and the fried egg was well done. The maple bacon took it a level above boring versions of the bacon and egg on toast formula.

When you’re next in the mood for hearty, homely cooking and a comically large amount of coffee, be sure to check out Ley Street!

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