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Health Freak Subiaco


With the green smoothie, raw food, low carb, high protein eating health surge becoming increasingly apart of mainstream culture it isn’t surprising that cafés like health freak have popped up to meet demand. As someone who is usually eating healthily and going to the gym, going out for breakfast is generally a treat, and an infrequent chance to eat whatever takes my fancy. That being said, it doesn’t have to be, there’s some fantastic things about cafe culture, eating out with friends, a good coffee, the feeling of rewarding yourself after a workout, without the calories. There’s also something great about being able to have healthy green or protein smoothie while out, especially since there’s no need to clean up after!

Health freak cafe is perfect to do all these things. In a fantastic spot in subi you’ll find it offering a mix of raw, vegetarian, high protein, gluten free and low carb food. No longer does eating out have to be calorific, or your choices drastically limited by dietary needs like vegetarianism or coeliac.


We tried a number of their smoothies and juices, a traditional green smoothie, a ‘piña colada’ protein smoothie and a banana and peanut butter protein smoothie. They were served in mason jars, were thick, creamy and full of flavour. The green smoothie was light, and didn’t taste like grass (the constant problem of the do it at home smoothie maker experimenting with ingredients) it was satisfying to eat out and still get in a green smoothie of a morning. There were plenty of choices of juices and smoothies to choose from too!


The coffee was interesting, there was obviously no attempt at anything resembling latte art, and upon seeing this the obvious reaction would be to have have low expectations of the coffee itself. However as if to punish us for our assumption the coffee was much better then expected, a good temperature, nice flavour and not overly extracted. A pleasant surprise.

When it came to choosing our meals we were very impressed that the calorie and nutritional detail was included on the menu. We ended up going with the protein pancakes and a fruit and nut muesli.


The protein pancakes were made with egg whites and served with fresh banana and strawberry, nuts and a berry coulis. The pancakes themselves don’t have too much flavour and are similar in thickness and texture to a crepe. Their simplicity helps them carry the fresh flavours, and it is all complimented well with a light, sugar free maple syrup. From memory the dish was around 230cal and high in protein, by all accounts a very healthy breakfast choice with the added indulgence of the trimmings and presentation of eating out.


The granola was nice, fairly standard in flavour and texture. It was a little odd that it was served with both milk and yogurt, especially considering the emphasis on excess calories at Health Freak, but tasty nonetheless.

We really enjoyed the freedom of eating out for breakfast and still knowing we were making the right choice for our bodies. It’s all the experience of food and friends, without the calories or the having to do the dishes afterwards! If you’re a green smoothie drinker, a gym junkie or even if you’re just curious, Health Freak is worth a visit!

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