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Etro Cafe and Bistro King St


You’ll find Etro on King Street, between Murray and Hay and close to Wolf lane. We had been to Etro some time ago, but weren’t impressed. It seems Urbanspoon wasn’t either, but we decided to give it another go as they’ve done a revamp since then and we’d really great things about their all day breakfast/lunch menu. The interior of cafe is spacious and inviting, while outside the tables and chairs are placed on fake lawn giving the whole cafe a more hipster vibe.

We went for lunch, a change from our usual breakfasting, and though they did have an all day menu we both went for lunch dishes.


The steak sandwich we ordered was very good quality. The steak was well cooked and juicy, while the chips were crisp and crunchy. A well done version of the pub classic, and since Etro is licensed we got to eat it while enjoying a refreshing cider.


The Porky pig immediately caught my eye and I just had to try it! It was an Asian inspired salad, chock full of bean sprout, cabbage, coriander, cucumber and capsicum with a light dressing topped with delectable pork belly. The salad really satisfied a veggie craving and the contrast of crunchy textures sustained my interest. The pork belly was as promised, crisp and satisfying. Pork belly done well is truly a joy to behold. The dish, though large was light enough to leave you feeling full after finishing without the regret when your eyes are too bold for your stomach to handle.

We were pleasantly surprised by our experience, and have to say that Etro really doesn’t deserve it’s urbanspoon rating at present. We found the food to be good quality and interesting for it’s price range and the staff friendly and knowledgeable about the menu. The revamp has definitely done wonders and despite our original misgivings we would come back.

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Etro Cafe & Bistro on Urbanspoon

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