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Millpoint Caffe Bookshop


The Millpoint Book cafe is a staple in the South Perth area, and somewhere we’ve wanted to try. Anywhere that combines our love of books and good food would be worth a visit.

They have a lovely open area at the back, you walk through the bookshop to get through to the seating, though there are some tables in the bookshop itself. You need to get a menu yourself and come up to the counter to order.


Their coffee was average, nothing to write home about, and rather hot. We ordered two lattes at the same time and one was very weak while the other strong, there was no consistency to the pour.


In the pursuit of all the French toast in Perth, we tried the berry coulis, vanilla bean mascarpone cream (home made!) and Parisian fairy floss French toast. The toppings were great, a nice balance of sweet and creamy and the fairy floss was a unique and delicious addition. Unfortunately the French toast, if eaten by itself was a bit undercooked in the middle and too dense. All the toppings disguised this, and only someone like myself, who loves French toast just a little too much to be considered normal, would notice.


We also tried the breakfast wrap, with bacon, cheese, scrambled eggs and spinach in a toasted wrap. The spinach was nice and fresh and the bacon had a lovely smoky flavour. The wrap didn’t add much to the flavour or texture of the dish but presented well. The presentation on a cutting board, while looking nice was impractical in terms of trying to eat it.

Overall it was a pleasant dining experience, nothing too special, and a little pricey but enjoyable none the less. A nice lazy weekend breakfast spot in Suburbia with an extra bonus for book lovers.

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