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Ace Pizza

With great expectations and keen for a feed, we headed over to Ace Pizza with delightful company for a quiet Thursday night meal.

We didn’t book and were lucky to snag a table in their outside area, which excepting a few drips from potted plants had a great atmosphere. Soon after we arrived people were being turned away without a booking. The lesson here is even if you’re going midweek, book ahead!

The service at Ace was absolutely fantastic, we had a delightful waitress, attentive and friendly. We were also impressed by her knowledge of the food and drinks, but in particular the cocktails and Italian liqueurs.


One of those cocktails was the negroni. Which is gin based and quite alcoholic with sweet vermouth and Campari, in this case flavored with orange.


The beetroot, rocket and bocconcini salad is one of those made to share. It’s a huge serving of fresh ingredients, the slightly sweet and earthy beetroot and the creamy bocconcini in particular were fantastic. The vegetarian at our table definitely appreciated a more interesting salad option and the rest of us carnivores were equally impressed with the flavours.



When we saw the fried macaroni and cheese on the menu we had to try it. It was an interesting dish, there was a nice salty crunch to the crust but unfortunately the macaroni cheese inside was a bit bland and the macaroni itself was a bit too mushy. If it was executed better it could have been a really awesome dish.


The godfather pizza was very well received. It had a beautifully thin base with a good mix of cheese and ham. We felt they could have been a little more generous with the toppings but otherwise were really happy with it.


The pig town too had a beautifully thin base and a delicious crust. The toppings were delicious, pepperoni, ham, all the delish piggy bits that you’d expect. We could have gone for more toppings, but frankly when they’re this good quality you always want more.


Finally the part of the meal we had all been waiting for! It’s not often that a meal brings you so starkly back into your childhood as this. A huge serving of soft serve ice cream AND toppings (in this case brownie bits, caramel, white chocolate and crushed nuts) AND two giant bottles with both chocolate sauce and caramel which you can heap on as much as you want!

It’s not as pretty this way but damn it tastes good! If there is anything better then a sundae with divine, creamy vanilla ice cream, delectable toppings and then a rich chocolate sauce and an indulgent caramel (neither of which were that horribly syrupy stuff!) then I have yet to find it.


Plus we also had some chocolate cake, because really you can never get enough chocolate. It was chocolatey, creamy and utterly delicious, just like a giant brownie, and the vanilla ice cream went perfectly with the rich chocolate taste. YUM!


While the Pizza wasn’t the best part of our meal, we really enjoyed Ace Pizza and will definitely be back, perhaps even just for dessert!

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  1. I love Ace Pizza!! Great review and the photos are great too, considering how dark it usually is in there (food photographer’s nightmare haha). πŸ™‚

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