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It’s in the SMALL PRINT (Bakery and Roastery)


Tucked away at the basement level of the print hall complex, it wouldn’t be surprising if you never noticed this place. Small Print is a bakery and roastery, serving wicked coffee and baked goods as well as having a limited breakfast menu.

Today was a coffee and pastry kinda day though so we settled on a latte, some cold brew, a raspberry Danish and a chocolate scroll.


Cold brew in a bottle, oh coffee and convenience gods to you we are forever grateful! We drank about half of it there and took the rest home to have with sparkling water. The cold brew really brings out the subtle flavours, and allows you to really savour your morning coffee. Bliss! Plus for $5, if you mix it with sparkling water you’re getting pretty awesome value for money.

The latte was fantastic, full of flavour, strong and creamy. The temperature was perfect, it was designed to drink straight away, not after traveling to the office to let it cool. I love how many places roast their own beans at the moment and all the interesting varieties available. Thumbs up for Small Print!


The pastry on the Danish was divine, fresh, crisp and a little crumbly on the outside and soft and easy to pull apart in the centre. Just what you’d expect from a bakery like Small Print. The custard in the filling was creamy and a touch sweet, a perfect match with the tart but sweet poached raspberry.


We also tried a decadent chocolate scroll. Like the Danish the pastry was fantastic, with a crisp outside and light, flaky pastry in the middle. The chocolate was rich and indulgent, while a light custard gave a nice moisture. We really enjoyed it!

Small Print also have a really interesting breakfast menu, and we can’t wait to return and check it out!

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  1. Those pastries look amazing! If only GF pastries could look so good! I have to get here and try their coffee. Heard so many good things!

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