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Sustainable noms @ The Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is either one if those places you want to go to, or you don’t. It’s building sticks out like a sore thumb on St George’s terrace, covered in potted strawberry plants and with very bright umbrellas out the front. It’s bold presence is what makes it appealing to some but not others, I happen to be one of those people who absolutely love the place!

Inside, the restaurant is decked out in recycled material with quirky artwork, but we chose to sit in the courtyard at the front on chairs made from roadwork signs (yup really!) while we were given water from a watering can.

The food here has a reputation for being just as innovative and down right interesting as the decor, and this is certainly not the first, and nor will it be the last time we enjoy one of their breakfasts. Before  we get to that though we started with a couple of coffees. The coffee was smooth, mellow and creamy, where some coffees get their flavour from brash strength, Greenhouse’s was much more complex and really crept up on you, it was just fantastic. A perfect temperature and not bitter. Whoever said coffee must be hot and strong to be good really needs to try one of these! We ended up ordering seconds and were equally impressed. Greenhouse is another venue in a very distinguished list that has passed the ‘two coffee test‘.


Their menu changes regularly and with seasonal produce so these items will probably not be available when you go, but something just as fantastic will be. We selected the pork and fennel sausage with potato hash, as well as blood orange and mascarpone crepes.

The crepes were beautifully cooked, thin and crisp. Even better they arrived at the table stemming hot! The syrup was sweet and a little tangy, while the pieces of fruit were soft and bursting with flavour. Along with the raw sugar and mascarpone cream it was a delightful, and quite unique sweet breakfast dish, with a well balanced flavour palate.


The pork and fennel sausage came with potato hash and a fried egg as well as a herbed sauce. The hash was well seasoned and had nice big chunks of potato. The sausage was juicy and tender, and while fennel tends to be overpowering in this instance it was subtle and well balanced. The fried egg was a touch undercooked in the whites on top, but this wasn’t something that bothered us particularly. The herbed sauce added a complexity to the overall flavour. A well rounded and interesting breakfast which we would choose again.


The Greenhouse is a fantastic place to breakfast before work in the CBD, for a coffee catch up with friends after a morning of shopping or to sit quietly and work over a coffee. They also do excellent dinners and cocktails with the same flair as their breakfasts and we would wholeheartedly suggest you check them out!

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