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Buddha Espresso


Tucked away in Allendale Square you can find Buddha Espresso. A good little coffee shop with super friendly staff and quick service!

Their coffee sizing is a little strange, I ordered a large latte, which at most places would be a regular or medium. The coffee itself has a rich, strong flavour. It borderlines the good side of the bitter line, and the milk was creamy with a good microform. It’s perhaps not as interesting as other coffees you can find in the CBD, but it’s a reliably good brew.


I also got some toasted banana bread, their supplier seems to be the same as many venues in the CBD but it’s one I like. The banana was a good thickness, moist and with enough banana flavour. It would have been better if there was butter, but it’s probably a good thing there wasn’t for the sake of my waistline!


Buddha espresso serves good coffee with a smile, they have a few food options available bit nothing out of the ordinary. Could be worth a visit if you’re on that end of the CBD!

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