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Daily Planet Revisit (socially acceptable breakfast eating time)

So last time we went to the Daily Planet we took advantage of their all day breakfast menu. Well okay, I took advantage of it and my dining partner got some appropriate late lunch food. I can’t help liking breakfast food okay? So it seemed appropriate to head back for a proper breakfast with all the trimmings. Last time while we enjoyed our visit, the service wasn’t great and the good food didn’t quite balance it out. We were expecting something yummy, but nothing fantastic. The decor remains arty, retro and a little edgy, we chose the same seats as our last visit because we enjoyed it so much. Especially overlooking this guy –

The service had really improved, the woman who served us was friendly, gave us menus and took our drink order, arriving moments after with water for our table. Our lattes and smoothie followed fairly promptly after. The coffee was good, there could have been a tad more foam but it wasn’t bitter or too hot. A great improvement on the sour ice coffee of the last visit.

The smoothie, a bananarama was sweet and creamy. It was made with banana, yogurt and honey. It could have been thicker, but the flavours were nice, a little too sweet for my taste but my dining partner loved it.

Our sweet choice was the breakfast trifle. The layers consisted of poached strawberry and fresh apple over a Greek yogurt, the next layer was a toasted muesli with a mix of oats and dried fruit. The final and bottom most layer was the best, a creamy coconut sago. For something so simple and so often done as a breakfast trifle it was incredibly enjoyable. The coconut sago added another dimension and took it beyond others I have tried (with breakfasts like this you tend to think – why am I paying for it, I could have it at home, well not this!). My only criticism would be smaller chunks of dried fruit, everything else was great. I loved the contrast of crisp apple and the crunchy muesli with soft and gooey yogurt, the sweet poached strawberry and the coconut sago. It didn’t look it but it was also incredibly filling.



The Mex eggs, made up of creamy eggs with capsicum in a wrap with bacon and spicy sauce, was very tasty and all very well done. For a Mexican breakfast it was quite straightforward, and they could have been a little more daring with their flavours to take it up an extra level. The best parts of this dish were the creamy sauce, the smoky bacon, which cut through the egg and when combined with the jalapeño sauce created a balanced Mexican flavour.


Our visit was a great improvement on our previous one in both the quality of service and the food and we would be happy to return for similar treatment.

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