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Lattes at La Veen on King


Located in the heritage listed building at the corner of King and Wellington Streets, La Veen is yet another cafe that loves it’s coffee and we couldn’t wait to try it for ourselves. The interior is spacious and combines red brick with slick black tiles. It’s impossible not to notice their Synesso, and the wealth of coffee paraphernalia in the store is enough to make any coffee lover weep.

We started with a fresh strawberry, watermelon and lime juice. The strawberry was deliciously sweet and ripe, and was a perfect match with the lime. A refreshing drink with lots of flavour, unlike others that can be quite bland especially when watermelon is included.


We were so excited to try the coffee, we’d heard great things and were not disappointed. For a start the latte art was great, and the coffee was at a drinkable temperature the moment it arrived at our table. The coffee was creamy, with a nice strong flavour without being bitter. It wasn’t just good, it was brilliant.



The menu at La Veen has lots of interesting choices. We went for the muesli and the jamon serrano jerky. The muesli was beautiful. It has a delicious crunch and a unique mix of ingredients, included freeze dried fruit, chocolate, popcorn, and more usual fare, such as nuts and seeds, honey and oats. It was great to be able to pour in the amount of milk we wanted too. The muesli also came with a delicious vanilla bean pannacotta with raspberry coulis is at the bottom and some more freeze dried fruit on top. It was nice and creamy, with a lovely vanilla flavour (it’s so much better when you can see the vanilla bean) with a nice bite of the raspberry at the bottom.




Our other choice was the Jamon Serrano jerky (a Spanish smoked ham), with aioli, brioche, poached eggs and Australian salt grass. The combination of the salty meat and rich brioche is initially quite intense and a little overpowering, but the more you eat it the more you want. The poached were amazing, gooey and slow cooked, which may confront some who prefer firmer eggs, but we loved the oozy egg. The Australian salt grass was a unique addition, very salty but so perfect with the dried ham., the hint of garlic with the brioche was another nice flavour add. The serving size was perfect for this rich breakfast.



Located at the corner of King and Wellington Streets, La Veen is yet another coffee and breakfast location in the CBD that you can’t go past.

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