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Book Review: No Witness, No Case

Just for a change I’d like to share a review of a book I really enjoyed, don’t worry there’s no spoilers!


No Witness, No Case By Bill Robertson *****

Mafia Member Slain, Corrupt Politician Gaoled, Toxic Waste Scam Exposed, Is Justice Working?

Bill Robertson is a first time author, but has plenty of credentials for writing a crime novel having been the Assistant Police Commissioner in Victoria (where the novel is set) in another life. The book itself is a thrilling crime drama, full of political intrigue, the murky underworld of Victoria, corruption, murder and even toxic waste. Our hero is Andy Drummond, an ex-military cop who somehow finds himself in the middle of a dirty world he could only begin to guess at, all because there was a truck fire in a country road near his house. It gets intense fast, with the reader soon propelled in the underworld, corrupt politicians, pretty women, the Mafia and even the Russians. The book moves at a cracking pace, and I felt myself absorbed in the story,and far too tempted to binge read the whole thing, such that I forced myself to take it slow and let the captivating detail sink in as I read.

Along the way we meet a number of characters one can only hope stay in the world of fiction, from the slimy politician Ben Aldrittson, the Mafia Don, Pescaro and the ruthless Russian Mafiya, Chermanko. Your heart will be in your chest after twists and turns you can’t anticipate, you can’t help but find yourself feeling for each of them, be they the hero, like Andy Drummond, or the villains like Aldrittson or Pescaro. The characters are explored in great depth, and with fantastic background knowledge, they felt real to me, the story could have been pulled from the pages of a newspaper. Intertwined with the gripping story is Victorian locations, and the Victorian countryside in beautiful depth, as someone based in WA it built the story around me, and allowed me to find myself in a foreign state.

I loved this book, I enjoyed the grittiness of it all, the realism and the intensity of the story, it wasn’t a crime novel that spoke down to you, nor was it one for which too easily allowed the ending to be determined. Right to the final pages I was guessing, and I greatly look forward to a next installment!

You can find No Witness, No Case at bookstores (like Angus and Roberston) or online at places like Fishpond and Book Depository

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