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Bocelli’s South Perth – Italian in the Suburbs

Bocelli’s is a quaint, homely Italian restaurant that can be found on Angelo Street in South Perth. They are popular in the area for good food at decent prices and their lovely courtyard is usually bustling with activity.


Bocelli’s is BYO, so we grabbed a bottle of wine from the Liquor Barons further up the street and headed over for an evening out. We were luckily able to sit in the courtyard despite not having a booking. The staff were friendly and promptly provided us with menus and water for the table.

We tried the garlic bread for our entree, and were not disappointed. It arrived hot, crisp, and deliciously buttery with enough garlic to really taste it without being overpowering. The two of us had two large pieces each and could have gone for more were we not waiting on large main courses.


One downside of Bocellis is that their menu very rarely changes, so on seeing the addition of gorgonzola pork chops with pear and veggies there was no doubt we had to try it. The pork was tender and juicy, perfectly complemented by the rich cheesy sauce generously drizzled across the two chops. The sauce was absolutely perfect with the pear, and it was a real shame that each chop only had a small, single piece of pear on it. More pear would really shift the whole dish up a level, and you can’t go wrong with strong cheeses like this with the sweet and mild pear. The vegetables that accompanied the chops were plain, which was a little disappointing initially, but it was soon apparent that well cooked vegetables were necessary to balance the strength of the sauce and the potato in particular was delicious smeared in cheesy goodness.


The other dish, spaghetti bolognese, was also a generous serving size. The way we see it there are two forms of the spaghetti bolognese, the one your mother makes, loaded with tomato-y goodness, and the one your father makes, rich and loaded with red wine. This was the former, and definitely safer option of the two. As any good Italian restaurant knows, over cooked pasta is a crime, luckily the pasta was al dente and and quite tasty. The mince was mixed through with the tomato sauce, and though there wasn’t as much as we would have expected for such a large serve of pasta, it was still tasty. The mince would have added a bit more of a meaty flavour, though it was enjoyable nonetheless.


Because after all that food we were were somehow still hungry, we went up to the counter and selected a creme caramel to share for dessert. It was soft and creamy, with a faint hint of citrus. The caramel was lovely and sweet, and the size was perfect to share after a big meal.


Bocelli’s is a fantastic little suburban restaurant, serving consistently yummy and well priced food. It’s a favourite among those in the South Perth area, and if you want a spot in their lovely courtyard we would suggest you make a booking.

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