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Belasyse – An Oasis in the City

The Belasyse have just reopened for breakfast after their Christmas break, so we decided it was a perfect time to head over and sample their new and improved breakfast menu!

The staff we dealt with were great, friendly, helpful and keen to improve our dining experience.The ambience of their location is also lovely, they have a nice open area in the middle of shafto lane with a gurgling fountain to sit next to.


We started with coffee, and were very impressed with its flavour. It was a good drinking temperature with a nice strongbow flavour without being bitter or overpowering. We ordered a second round as takeaways when we left and this too was similarly delicious. We couldn’t help but enjoy the eclectic coloured dishes they were served on.


We tried a sweet and a savory dish, let’s start with the sweet. Buttermilk pancakes with banana, strawberry and rose creme fraiche. The banana and strawberry were fresh and ripe, a lovely flavour to complement the well cooked pancakes. The rose was an interesting addition and worked to cut through some of the sweetness of the fruit and the maple syrup, the amount given was conservative but more would have really enhanced the flavour. We particularly liked that there was fruit between the layers of pancakes, as well as the ability to pour your own maple syrup so it didn’t get soggy.

The next dish was the Belasyse eggs, which included hollandaise, poached eggs and corned beef on sourdough toast. On first glance it appears a little like Typika’s spiced beef benedict but it is in fact an entirely unique dish. Where the beef and spice dominated in that dish, the Belasyse used theirs to complement the poached eggs and hollandaise. It turned out to be our favourite dish due to the delicious beef, the nicely (though not perfectly) poached eggs, tangy hollandaise and fantastic sourdough, which didn’t just carry the flavour but improved it.


The Belasyse is a must try in the CBD for breakfast and we are planning on heading back in the near future for their lunch, dinner and cocktail specials!

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