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Off the beaten track – Fez Mount Lawley


When you’re next on Beaufort street, take a moment to look beyond the usual cafe strip and give Fez a go, you can find it by going to the intersection of Beaufort and Walcott streets, and walking just past Fresh Provisions. We had wanted to check it out for some time, but always got overcome by the usual suspects, The Daily Planet, Solomon’s, Mary Street Bakery and Cantina 663. We were so glad we gave it a shot as it exceeded all our expectations of the food.


Fez has no single style of cuisine, though has the feel of a more middle Eastern inspired cafe, and is filled with an eclectic mix of furnishings and artwork. The cafe is spacious with room for large groups or more intimate meals. The staff were friendly and promptly supplied us with menus, water and took our coffee order while we perused.


Our coffees arrived in a timely manner, and were the same Dark Horse, Five senses blend we had sampled at Foam Leederville. The coffee’s were both too hot, and there was not quite enough foam for a latte, though it was thick and smooth. When it cooled down the flavour of the coffee was interesting and strong though it was a little too bitter and over extracted for my tastes. There are certainly better coffees to be found at other venues in the area.


We settled on a sweet and a savoury dish as always, and I was very excited to see the first item on the menu was a brioche french toast. In my pursuit of the best french toast in Perth it was obviously necessary to sample it. We were not at all disappointed when it arrived at the table, a veritable mountain of french toast, coated in a chocolate sauce with banana and pistachio. Often such rich fillings overpower the toast but this was different, the chocolate sauce while rich and with a beautiful cocoa flavour was not overly so, or too fudge-y. The creaminess of the chocolate worked so well with the lightness of the french toast and the fresh banana, and the pistachio added a nice textural crunch. However the absolute best part of this dish was the toast itself. I have sampled many french toasts and this was by far the best cooked. It was crisp, golden and hot but the brioche was thick enough that to retain the light and softness in the middle. The deliciousness of the fillings worked to complement the perfectly cooked toast, and not as it so often is, overcome or disguise it. It is for this reason that I will freely say it is by far the best french toast I have had in Perth and I can only encourage you to go try it for yourself. At $15 it was also surprisingly inexpensive.

The Best French Toast in Perth

The Best French Toast in Perth

The savory meal this time was a shakshuka, with tomato, olive, baked eggs and merguez which are spicy Moroccan sausages. It arrived to the table piping hot, with a wafting rich, tomato smell, and adorned with fresh greens. It was served with olive ciabatta on the side. It was rich, thick and deliciously, the eggs were well cooked and gooey. Even better was a scoop of sauce with the ciabatta.
A light, delicious piece of toast, with a rich, meaty, tomato sauce. Bliss!


Fez is without doubt an unappreciated gem by virtue of its slightly out of the way location. The cafe is comfortable, the staff very friendly, and we strongly suggest you give their French toast a try.

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  1. What a fantastic review! I’ve been to Fez once before (though it was a good while ago) and I was pretty impressed by it! It looks as though they are smashing out some amazing brunch dishes, will be checking them out soon :).

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