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Foam Leederville


When in the Leederville area and not keen for the wait at Sayers, we decided to give Foam a try. Oxford street is always bustling with activity and is a great place to go to watch the world go by. We had been to Foam previously a few years before and seemed to remember a good experience. The cafe itself showed signs of life and the wait staff were friendly when we walked through the door. The fit out was quirky and just what you’d expect from a cafe in Leederville.


You order at the counter, and collect your own napkins, knives and forks and water if you so desire. We sat down at the side of the cafe with a massive window to watch the street outside. Our coffees arrived quickly, and it was delightful to have a tiny teddy to go with it.

The coffee was a five senses dark horse blend. It was a consistently good flavour, and the micro foam was nice though the coffee arrived a little hot. I think the best part of the coffee was watching the tiny teddy slowly drown into the coffee foam.


We also ordered a couple of smoothies. One the super healthy green machine, with coconut water, cucumber, celery, spinach, apple, banana, honey and chia. It was lovely and refreshing, the apple was fresh and the banana creamy. Just the thing to give you a pick me up on an early morning to start the day.


The berry blast was delicious. It was full of berries, apple juice and strawberry yogurt. It was thick and creamy and very filling. It is a shame the menu doesn’t highlight the smoothies enough because they really are fantastic!


As we usually do, we ordered a savoury and a sweet breakfast, it’s the best of both worlds! The pancakes were delicious. A good balance of maple and bacon with perfectly cooked pancakes, it was a very filling meal. Definitely satisfying a sweet craving. The serving size was large, and the dish as a whole well presented. It was very filling and tasty throughout, a very enjoyable meal.  That being said, great pancakes are not too challenging to make.


The savoury meal was bruschetta with poached eggs. The best part of this meal was the poached eggs. They were absolutely perfect with a delicious oozy yolk.


The bruschetta was quite good. The garlic bread was a good level of garlic flavour, and wasn’t overwhelming though it was a little cold. The tomato, basil, onion and bocconcini were lovely but there was a little too much onion. It was nicely seasoned too.


Foam is in a nice location serving solid and interesting breakfasts. It’s worth checking if you’re in the area and enjoy tiny teddies as much as I do. There’s always black plastic and oxford street books to check out after!

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