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Chik and Kent

Twas two days before Christmas and all through the city not a coffee house was open, not one that I liked.

What does one do when all the usual places you haunt are closed? Firstly get angry at the world that you can’t get your coffee fix, and then venture to somewhere you’ve been meaning to get to with fingers crossed they’ll be open. Luckily for me this plan worked and I ended up at Chik and Kent on the West end of Murray street.

Chik and Kent are one of the more unique coffee venues in that they don’t do the usual fare. You can’t get a latte, cappuccino, flat white or any of the usual coffee options. The choices are black, white or filter. The baristas were really friendly, and happy to chat with me about the coffee. They want to simplify coffee, similar to discussions with baristas at Maven Espresso and take it back to more uniform standards.

Australians have their own coffee culture, centering mostly around quite milky coffees, or coffee milkshakes as some like to call it. But the difference really isn’t that much between a latte and a flat white, and Australians are the only ones who insist on chocolate on their cappuccinos. You may or may not enjoy the simplification of your coffee, and I won’t presume to speak for anyone other then myself when I say I find it a quite refreshing approach to coffee. As a usual latte drinker I was happy to try one of their white coffees.


My white coffee was great. It was a little hot initially but by the time I arrived at my office it was a perfect drinking temperature. The blend was flavoursome, not at all bitter and satisfyingly strong. The milk was creamy and mellowed the strength of the coffee to be just right.

While I was there I couldn’t help but admire their sweet treats. After enquiring as to what they were I decided on the ‘yummy coconut lemon curd thing’. Surprisingly this was a pretty accurate description. It was a browned coconut base and sides encasing deliciously tart and creamy lemon curd. The coconut was more crisp and chewy on the sides while the bottom had soaked up the lemon flavour and was softer and a little gooey. Yum!


Chik and Kent has just earned itself a place in my favourites list for coffee in the CBD and I intend to give their filter coffee a go when I have a little more time. I encourage you to do the same!

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  1. mmm Coffee says

    If you want a treat on these hot summer days get a cold brew! It is the best thing I’ve drunk in yonks. Comes in a little Patron bottle with some milk on the side. Delicious

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