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The Daily Planet – it’s always breakfast time somewhere


Long having patronised the Planet Empire of stores, it was about time we gave the Daily Planet a revisit. We had been when it first opened and was having a few teething problems so we were really overdue for a proper trial. The Daily Planet is located next to the bookstore (and below the music and dvd arm of planet) just a touch down from its previous iconic corner locale (there’s whispers it’s becoming a krispy kreme donuts?). It’s typical Mount Lawley when you enter inside, quirky furniture, chilled and alternative staff as well as some pretty awesome wall art.

While we visited at lunchtime they have a breakfast menu until 3pm which we were keen to take advantage of. Breakfast is pretty much the best meal of the day (Parks and Rec got this right – why would anyone eat anything else?) so we had to choose both a breakfast kind of meal and as more normal lunch type of meal.

The service was very slow, and it took a lot of time to get the attention of the staff to order drinks, let alone a meal. Nevertheless eventually we got our vanilla milkshake and ice coffee, one was fantastic the other not so much. The coffee was quite disappointing, bitter, somewhat sour and uninspiring, the ice cream wasn’t enough to balance out the flavours. The milkshake however was perfect, thick, malty and a good level of sweetness. It had everything he coffee was lacking.


The meals also took their time getting to us, considering the cafe really wasn’t that busy it wasn’t a particularly encouraging sign. However the food itself was fantastic. The more lunch-y option was the crumbed chicken with a ranch dressing and salad. The chicken was cooked to perfection and the crumb was delightful, not overly greasy an a really lovely flavour. It worked very well with the ranch with added a nice coolness and a yummy smooth texture to contrast with the crunch of the crumb.


The breakfast option , in this case pancakes with orange nectar, poached strawberries and a lemon scented mascarpone was similarly fantastic. The pancakes were a lovely golden brown, soft and flavoursome. The heaviness of the orange nectar contrasted beautifully with the sharpness and sweet of the poached strawberry and creamy mascarpone. I enjoyed being able to serve myself from the assortment of shot glasses, jars and dishes that came with the pancakes as opposed to having the pancakes arrived soaked in syrup which can cause them to become soggy and less appealing. The presentation of the wooden board was beautiful but a little impractical when syrup runs off the pancakes and onto the table. As I don’t have to clean it up though I really don’t mind.


Overall our meals were quite enjoyable and a decent price. It’s a shame the service doesn’t match but Daily Planet is still somewhere we’d be happy to return to.

Have you been to the Daily Planet? What did you think?

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