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Gusto Foods – the somewhat lazy revisit

Some of you would have noticed that we’ve been to this very location previously, and in fact quite recently. Surely this is lazy, if not a little dull to go to somewhere so soon after an earlier visit. That is indeed the case, but menus change, dinner partners have their own desires and as it is one of our favourite local cafés there is always room for another review of what’s on offer, so humour me for a moment. If you’d like to have a look at our last visit though you can find it here.

This time we really did need to variate from our old favourites, and so we tried a couple of new things. First up was the potato cakes with smoked salmon ($21.90). They came with lemon, smashed avocado on the side, a lovely salad, poached eggs and hollandaise. The serving was absolutely huge! So much salmon, which was coincidentally nice and fresh (no fishy smell). It went really well with the potato cakes. They were crisp on the outside, with a delectable crunch and soft on the inside, still nice and hot too. It was just perfect combined with the deliciously poached eggs with runny yolk, the crunch of rocket and the creamy smashed avocado. I would liked just a little less salad, it didn’t add that much to the dish, but there was so much of it. Either way, come with an appetite and prepare to not leave with a cleared plate.


The next meal wasn’t on the usual menu and appeared to be a weekly special. The buttermilk pancakes came with a berry coulis (which you would have seen on the French toast in our earlier visit) and a lemon scented mascarpone. While the pancakes were good, and there was nothing technically wrong with them we couldn’t help but feel that for what they were $16.90 was quite expensive. Though they tasted nice they weren’t up to the usual inventive and interesting standard Gusto has set, which was a little disappointing.


Nevertheless Gusto Foods is definitely worth a visit, and though I haven’t had photographic evidence of this, the coffee has improved somewhat since our last disaster. I wholeheartedly encourage you to check out the earlier review if you’re interested.

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