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Hearty Breakfasts at Halo


Halo Espresso is my local coffee shop and a breakfast favourite I have been meaning to review for some time. It’s fitting that I have ended up doing this review on their second birthday! It’s one of those dependable places that you keep coming back to when you want something consistent, and don’t want to be in line for an hour on the weekend. It’s located on the bustling Angelo Street and caters for everyone from the families with small children, couples, those wanting a quiet coffee over the paper and the cyclists who can be seen out the front early every morning.


Their coffee is legendary around these parts and is by far the best brew that can be found on Angelo Street and the surrounding areas.


They were also voted Perths fourth best coffee recently. A deserved title in this bloggers humble opinion.


Halo do excellent breakfasts, when I dined there recently we tried a number of dishes (and thank you to my lovely friends who let me photograph and review their food). First up was the eggs atlantic, similar to an eggs Benedict but replacing the ham with salmon.  As a whole this dish was really good, the elements all came together on the plate and the salmon in particular was delicious. By itself the hollandaise was lacking a little, but as a combination it was delicious.


The eggs benedict, which I would say were the usual version besides the fact that we got spinach as well as ham, were similarly delicious. Altogether the English muffin, ham, spinach, poached eggs and hollandaise were pretty close to perfect. Poached eggs are notoriously easy to get wrong, and the yolks oozing from mine was oh so right! Heaven.


We also got both the vegetarian breakfast….


And the Halo Breakfast.

Both were equally massive, very good value, and so loaded that we didn’t finish either of them despite our best efforts. The mushrooms on the vegetarian breakfast were to die for. While the bacon was by far the best of the Halo breakfast, crisp, favourite and meaty. Yum! The only fault of the halo breakfast was the sausages, which were a little grainy but consumer and enjoyed nonetheless. The eggs for each for similarly brilliant as those that came before.

Halo was a very enjoyable breakfast, with friendly staff, good value and tasty meals. They know the breakfast staples well and do them to perfection. They also happen to have a mezzanine upstairs for functions. There is no doubt in my mind that we will be back soon!

Have you been to Halo? What did you think?

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