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Breakfast with a View – the Attic Fremantle

After a leisurely stroll around Fremantle, a town where it feels like everyone is on holidays, and gets up an hour later then the rest of WA we wandered over to the Attic for breakfast.

It a cute little cafe in the red brick style of much of the heritage listed freo area. We ordered downstairs at the counter before walking up the stairs, past a beautiful mural to the ‘attic’ eating area.

Upstairs is spacious and light, with a beautiful view and some quirky furnishings. We sat on a long table overlooking the counter below, sipping our coffee in the sunshine. Around us were people quietly reading the paper, a business discussion and a couple being lovey-dovey in the corner and none seemed at all out of place.

Finally we come to the important bit – how was the food? But I think I’ll leave you in suspense a little longer and tell you about the drinks first. We ordered a couple of juices as well as the usual coffees.

The juices were perfect for the hot Summer day. The first consisted of pear, apple and lemon and had a zesty kick. A great fresh combination.


The Pink Power was similarly suited to refresh on a hot day!


The coffee was delicious, not too hot and not bitter with a decent level of foam. I even detected a faint hint of honey (though my mind could be playing tricks on me!).


We ordered an organic Chia Seed Bircher and the Open Quesadilla with bacon. The Bircher was beautiful to look at, piled high with cranberry, raspberry and chia seed as well as nuts, and drizzled with honey. The Bircher was nice and soft with a slightly sweet yogurt and the soft texture contrasted well with the pop of chia and crunch of the nuts. There was more fruit hidden within the oats, and the orange in particular was delicious. The serving size doesn’t look like much but it was very filling.


The quesadilla was also very good. The bacon in particular was fantastic, crispy, smoky deliciousness. The concept of an open quesadilla is an interesting one and is another breakfast spawned of the Mexican dining trend. Of all the males I’ve dined with not one would turn down a Mexican breakfast, so they have that market tied up.


The attic was an enjoyable and relaxing breakfast in a beautiful location. We won’t hesitate to return!

Have you been to the Attic? What did you think? What’s your favourite thing to do in Fremantle?

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  1. great review! We’ll be sure to try it out in the near future! I love Fremantle, it’s such a beautiful area especially by the harbour πŸ™‚ – L.

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