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Cafe Vinyl: The Best Muffin I’ve ever had

For those of us who do the daily CBD coffee and muffin run, and particularly those at the west end of town – I give you the best muffin I’ve had, and it was only four dollars!

Everyone knows the best of the muffin is the top, that’s the bit that’s crunchy and yummy and so satisfying to pull off bit by bit. It’s no surprise that this muffin has a monster top! This particular muffin is raspberry and dark chocolate, a delectable combination. I love how you get big chunks of chocolate and raspberry as opposed to tiny bits of bland choc chips or fruit. I’ve also had various unique flavours, my favourite being peanut butter and dark choc, but Cherry ripe was also pretty damn awesome.

Oh and if you want a size comparison this is what it looked like compared to my medium coffee –


While we’re on the topic of cafe vinyl they also do great coffee. The thing about their coffee is that it consistently walks the tightrope between amazingly good, and disastrous. It’s so full of flavour, but so close to over extraction, it’s a gamble I continue to make, and about as thrilling as your morning coffee can get. Plus the baristas are lovely and actually remember my name, which means a lot to a humble coffee addict like me.

There’s plenty of other coffee places in the CBD, but I have to say I really love this one!

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