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Kettle Cafe Lathlain


Breakfast today was a real treat, not just because I got to eat at Kettle cafe, which has been on my ‘to visit’ list for some time, but also because I got to meet and have a lovely chat with Chris, of rrRaw by Chris, and Tales of a Kitchen fame.


We were pleasantly surprised by the cafe as soon as we walked in the door, it was spacious and bright, the sunlight steaming through their big front windows. The staff were friendly and the cafe was already bustling at 8.30am on a Sunday. The decor inside is homely, and cook books are available for customers to peruse as they desire.

As always I went for a coffee, caffeine is a good start to most days, but on a Sunday morning in particular it becomes more of a necessity! The latte was quite good, the microform was smooth and creamy and it was a good temperature.


We also tried a spiced apple ice tea. It was light and refreshing, just perfect for the Perth heat!


Although their special looked incredibly appetizing I couldn’t go past the salted caramel and banana pancakes. We also ordered a yoghurt terrine, curiosity definitely played a role in that decision.


When they arrived the pancakes were beautifully presented, incredibly large and oozing with caramel. I don’t tend to trust larger pancakes after a previous bad experience (that’s a story for another time) and I admit I breathed a sigh of relief when I discovered their crisp outside and perfectly soft and fluffy inside. When combined with the chocolate ricotta and banana praline the whole dish really comes together. I absolutely loved the contrasting textures of the praline, ricotta and pancakes themselves.


The terrine was also really interesting. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the description – blueberry, pear and yoghurt terrines are not something I’ve experienced before. This dish too was beautifully presented, passionfruit pooled around the base of the terrine and candied almonds scattered liberally over the top. The yogurt and marscapone was firmer then I was expecting and it held it’s form well. The concept of a sweet terrine (I have only ever had meat terrines) and the beautiful execution were a very impressive combination. It makes me want to attempt it myself, but then I realise places like Kettle have it down to a fine art, and I’m not only paying them for the food but also the privilege of not doing the dishes afterward.

Kettle Cafe is somewhere we will definitely be returning to! If you’re in the neighbourhood why not take a look for yourself and maybe try a tasty raw treat while you’re there. Been here already, what did you think?

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