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Gusto Foods South Perth

Located on busy Angelo Street in South Perth, Gusto foods is creating a name for itself with unique and visually stunning breakfasts. On weekends you will see lines out the door and a packed cafe with a mixture of breakfast dates, catch ups, young family’s and people enjoying their coffee while reading the paper and watching the world go by.

Gusto is a local for us, and it has been interesting to watch it’s following grow from humble beginnings a few initial teething problems. On our first visit quite soon after it opened we never intended to come back, the coffee was awful (over extracted, milk proteins had actually broken down and undrinkable) and the food while interesting, was just not hitting the mark, we weren’t sure we even enjoyed it.

But – we came back with friends and subsequently since and are so glad that we gave them another try. To their absolute credit the food has been fantastic, flavour combinations that really work, breakfasts that look and taste amazing, and their coffee (while not great – frenchtoastandindiepop is a bit of a coffee snob) is drinkable and it is apparent their focus is on food not specialty coffee. The lines out the door are a testament to the turn around, and we are happy to get our coffee from Halo Espresso a couple of doors up.

So what did we sample this time? A couple of old favourites, being the crumpets and french toast, as well as a new one – the bowl. Let’s start at the bowl. This is a Mexican inspired breakfast, a sort of version of breakfast nachos, with a big bowl of beans, and veggies with a delicious slightly spicy tomato tang. Topped with guacamole, sour cream and giant corn chips for dipping and mixing. It’s definitely going to be one of our new favourites!


Next up is the cinnamon French toast with berries and honeycomb. This always creates a stir when it arrives at your table in its towering glory. It’s quite a innovative mix of flavours, and requires a delicate balance to pull off. This time the berries were just too overpowering and tart, while the French toast was a little bland and not sweet enough. That being said the banana and bacon work very well and overall it is quite an enjoyable dish.


Finally the crumpets with berry compote, yogurt and peanut gravel. If I had to give my one favourite element it would have to be the peanut gravel, I haven’t had anything like it before. The flavour is so intense and delicious with a crunchy but somehow still creamy texture. Mixed with the yogurt (with a slight tart flavour) and the sweet berry compote with soft pieces of berry and pear there is a delicious balance. The crumpets are also fantastic, nothing like what you’d buy at the supermarket and the three you get are very generous in size, soft and so fresh.


I couldn’t leave you without some idea of their beverages – so here’s an Ice Chocolate for good measure.

Have you been to Gusto Foods? What did you have?

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