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Gordon Street Garage


Gordon Street Garage is a fairly new venue located on Gordon street (not really surprising) in a big room that (also not surprising) used to be a garage. They serve brunch, coffee and cakes during the day and tapas, dinner and drinks in the evening. They have their own coffee roaster and serve a mix of speciality coffee. The venue itself is quirky, a mix of urban cool, retro fittings and eclectic art. The serving plates and glasses match the vibe, with colours, patterns and interesting design. It’s a slick manicured cool, designed to look almost accidentally hipster, but hipster nonetheless (although maybe now I’ve said that it isn’t? who knows).


On a previous visit I was very impressed with my coconut french toast, served with dates and a coconut yogurt. It was a fairly small serving but the flavours were good and it was beautifully presented, so I was really looking forward to what would be on the menu this time.


As expected it was a changed menu, with plenty of new and appealing options. We were promptly served and our coffee order taken while we made up our minds. When the coffee arrived (fairly promptly considering the huge line) it was a good temperature, creamy and with a nice subtle flavour. We made our food selections, and decided to try the cold drip coffee, it’s something I’ve wanted to sample for some time and it being done in store made it even more appealing.


The cold drip coffee resembled a glass of coke, it came with ice and was a lovely rich brown. The smell was amazing, fruity and as they described in the menu – terrior, a term commonly used to describe wine, and was beyond my literary skills before I looked it up. In the case of the coffee this meant it brought out the earthy tones and the nature of the environment it was produced in, and tasted and smelt of the earth with a natural sweetness. It was the most strong smelling and interesting coffee I’ve tried, though I’m not sure if it was to my taste, partly because it was such a strong flavour, and partly because the scent reminded me of tequila. My dining partner really enjoyed it, and I’m glad I tried it.


This time I chose the baked sweet ricotta, with honey, mango, strawberry and banana. While a small serving the fruit was very fresh, with plenty of flavour. In particular the mango was divine, though the strong  flavour of both the mango and the honey over powered the ricotta. The ricotta was a fairly good texture, held it’s shape and was indeed sweet. It’s rougher texture was a good contrast with the softer fruit, and in an appealing way the ‘slimier’ texture of the banana and mango. It was a tasty dish, with good flavours but I would have liked a little more of it to feel sufficiently full.


We also got the asparagus, goats curd, pear, quinoa and rocket salad. It was a fresh mix of salad, the creamy curd and crunch of the pear were a great contrast. It was definitely a summer menu option, and the flavours went together really well. Our only criticism once again was that the serving size was a little on the small side.


On our way out we tried the mango panna cotta, with an edible flower decoration, coconut rice and caramelized peanuts. It had a nice mango flavour, was smooth and creamy and looked gorgeous. The coconut rice was sweet and subtle in comparison with the panna cotta, and the caramel crunch of the peanuts.

Gordon street garage is an interesting new venue with a vibrant seasonal menu and good coffee, definitely worth a visit if you’re in the area.

Been here? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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