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Harvest Espresso: Vic Park

Harvest espresso is a tiny little coffee shop and brunchery that can be found on Albany Highway. When I say ‘tiny’ I’m not exaggerating, it really feels like you’re sitting in a shoebox. While it’s cozy and cute, this does create some space issues and even on a quite weekday morning there’s a tussle for space. That being said it is comfortable, and the food and coffee are worth the close proximity to your neighbours.


We first visited Harvest espresso due to the buzz surrounding their new spring menu, DineWhitMe’s post is probably the best of those, and we couldn’t resist checking it out. Since then we have come back specifically for the baked almond brioche twice and each time it has blown us away. When you want to come back to a cafe to try an item again simply because they changed the poached fruit in it you know it’s a pretty spectacular meal.

On our first visit, it was poached strawberries and toasted muesli, on an almond brioche, and with a chamomile panna cotta (standing alone as opposed to served in a jar or cup – very brave). The mix of textures and flavours is delicious, the soft but flavoursome strawberry, the crunch of the muesli and brioche. The panna cotta was an interesting addition, which added creaminess to tie the dish together, and the chamomile flavouring was there without being overpowering. The poached strawberries brought a nice sweetness to the dish and added to the strikingly beautiful presentation.

Baked almond brioche, camomile panacotta, poached strawberries and museli

Baked almond brioche, camomile panna cotta, poached strawberries and museli

When we returned it was for the brioche but this time with poached peaches. The peaches aren’t as bright and vibrant as the strawberries, though presentation wise the purple edible flowers went well with the orange of the fruit. The dish was similarly delicious, though the peaches weren’t as sweet or as soft as the strawberry. The peach also interacted differently with the muesli and pannacotta, there was less of a contrast in texture as the peach was firmer, and the chamomile and peach flavours complemented each other in a different way. It becomes a less sweet dish overall, but this isn’t necessarily a bad thing unless your sweet tooth was really hoping for strawberries.


(Oh and if you’re wondering the edible flowers don’t really taste like anything in particular, but they do look very pretty on the plate).

Accompanying our dishes were a red espresso at first, and a coffee the second time. Red espresso is an interesting drink, sold as a caffeine free alternative to coffee. In a fresh red a shot of rooibos is poured over ice and then apple juice is added. It seems a strange mix but it is a fresh and refreshing summer-y beverage that has been popping up in cafe’s all over the place of late.

Fresh red - red iced tea

Fresh red – red iced tea

The coffee served at Harvest Espresso is five senses which is generally a good sign. The coffee itself was good, a little hot, but it was creamy and flavoursome. While a good coffee, it wasn’t brilliant, and this was a little disappointing because they have a very good reputation for their coffee.


Overall my visits to Harvest have been very enjoyable, and seeing the yummy cakes on the counter after breakfast, I feel like a repeat visit purely for some cake action might be in order.

Have you been to Harvest? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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  1. Learning so much on what is on offer, your preferences and your decadent lifestyle. Envious but proud!

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