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Solomon’s Organic Breakfast


If you have been reading recent posts you may have noticed a trend developing, or maybe better word is fascination with, the various food and drink available around Beaufort Street Mount Lawley. This time we were at Solomon’s, an awesome little organic cafe across from the Beaufort Street merchant and on the same side as Mary Street (ahhh Mary Street Bakery, I’m still dreaming of your salted caramel tart…).


Solomon’s has a quirky and alternative vibe, and we were impressed by the interesting menu options. It took us far too long to order because we quite simply couldn’t make up our minds. The meat-eater who came with me happily got a ginger smoothie and a full vegan breakfast, while I eventually opted for beetroot crepes and a banana, chia and cacao smoothie. We also got coffee, because mornings don’t start until coffee has been drunk.


The smoothies arrived in a mason jar with a cute retro straw, and as much as presentation doesn’t make it taste any better, it certainly puts you in a positive frame of mind to try it. My smoothie was thick and creamy, the banana was the strongest flavour with the hint of chocolate from the cacao and a slight crunch from the chia. If healthy had a taste, this would be it, though this is not to say it wasn’t also delicious.


The vegan full breakfast was a sight to behold. There is always a fear in the back of the carnivores mind when they order a vegetarian breakfast that it ‘just won’t fill them up’ or it will be ‘less satisfying for it’s lack of meat’ and this was satisfactorily allayed at the sight of the plate arriving at the table. It contained beans, broccoli, eggplant, avocado, quinoa toast and more, each with it’s own flavours which combined deliciously together. The stand out of the selection were the broccoli stalks (a much maligned and wholly unappreciated childhood staple) and the beans in a rich tomato-y sauce.


As for the beetroot crepes, they were certainly stunning in colour. They were topped with an apple and citrus fruit mash as well as coconut oil (the latest superfood) and chocolatey cacao powder. I don’t know what I was expecting in terms of flavour, but rather then overwhelming the beetroot acted as a carrier for the chocolate and fruit flavour, adding a nice hint of flavour without being overpowering. At $18 for three small, thin crepes it was pretty steep on the pricing end, but for the organic ingredients and the extra required in preparation this is not really surprising. But with the smoothie (also $10) it was satisfying without vein unpleasantly filing.

Overall the experience at Solomon’s was very positive, and there are plenty more breakfasts (and smoothies!) that are yet to be tried.

Have you been to Solomon’s? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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