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Never-ending French Toast

So we’ve done a little more experimenting with French Toast… and the results are absolutely delicious!

A few changes this time.

Instead of making a sandwich style french toast we bought an unsliced loaf, and cut thick slices (about an inch and a half but you can go 2 inches if you like) and carefully made a slit in the side of the bread. You will need to wriggle the knife around until the slit is about three inches across and two thirds down the bread. Be careful not to break the surface of the bread on wither side while you’re doing it or your filling will leak it out everywhere when you come to fry it.

You then carefully fill the slit you made with whatever filing you feel like. We went a little more fancy this time. Making use of a delicious jar of lemon curd, and a tub of marscapone cheese. We mixed them together until it became a thick creamy consistency. The proportions you used are up to you depending on how tart (more lemon curd then marscapone) or creamy (more marscapone) you want it, or just go 50:50. You want in total enough to stuff the bread with and a dollop to go on the top. We over estimated a bit and had plenty left over. Such a shame because now we’ll have to have french toast again tomorrow ;).

We also did a raspberry coulis to go with it. As with any coulis or jam this involves sugar and fruit (roughly 500g raspberry to a third cup caster sugar). Heat the raspberries with sugar in the pan and simmer until they start to soften. Remove and puree through hard work and a good old wooden spoon or in a small blender. Put aside to cool.

As with any French Toast the next step is to dip it in the usual mixture of eggs, milk and as this a sweet mix vanilla bean. You then fry off both sides in a pan with butter until golden/dark brown. Mmmmm!

Drizzle your coulis over the toast to your taste as well as another big dollop of your lemon curd and marscapone mix.




Blueberries also go really well with lemon curd, and this will probably be a filling/topping we will attempt in future.



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