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Heavenly Halo Espresso


Halo Espresso is our local, we love their coffees, weekend breakfasts and now their fanastic selection of raw treats! The raw food movement seems to have popped up in Cafe’s everywhere lately, in a nutshell raw food is about eating raw food in an unprocessed state. The food is not heated or cooked in order to preserve it’s nutritional value and it is usually vegan. I don’t claim to be a raw foodie, but I do enjoy having the option for a healthy and delicious treat, and the sheer popularity of the range at Halo suggested there’s plenty of others who do to.

So what exactly do these treats entail? I’ve tried a selection, most raw desserts involve the use of nuts and dates, coconut, coconut oil and cacao, as well as other ingredients like them, to mimic what you’d generally find in a cafe display. What you can see below is the Rawsome caRAWmel slice.

Rawsome Caramel Slice

Rawsome CaRAWmel Slice

The slice is chocolate-y, gooey and delicious. The base is nutty, with a date caramel layer, and chocolate and walnut top.  It’s pretty pricey at $7.50, but it is large and considering all the work that goes into this little beauty it is pretty reasonable. Plus Rawsome are based in Perth!

Jumping on the Macaron bandwagon is this raw raspberry, beetroot macaron by Raw by Chris. The filling is predominantly coconut. This treat looks and tastes amazing, it obviously can’t have the crunch and lightness of a usual macaron, and like most raw food it is quite dense, but the flavours are delicious.


Raw by Chris – Macaron

My new favourite however has to be this lemon and coconut pie. The filling is creamy, there’s flavours of coconut, banana and lemon. The base has a nice texture to it, and it isn’t overly wet, as can be the case with other raw food (in order to stick all the ingredients together).  Plus it looks so good you wouldn’t even notice it was raw. I will be going back for more!


Raw by Chris – Lemon and Coconut Tart

Want to find more Raw by Chris? Check if there’s a stockist near you! You might also like her blog, she had me drooling at her amazing photos!

Come hang out at Halo, get an awesome coffee, say hi to their goldfish and have a guilt free raw treat.

Have you been to Halo or tried any rawsome or raw by Chris? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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