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Yes, more French Toast

I promised a stuffed French toast post and here it is! This is an awesome weekend breakfast, and super easy.

It’s just like normal French Toast…. except you put whatever delicious filing you like inside, squish it down a little and only then do you dip the bread.

Generally French toast is made up an egg and milk mixture, I tend to use 4 eggs to 1 cup milk, and if making sweet french toast will add a little sugar and vanilla essence. It is also common to add a dash of salt. This should make a mix that will serve about 8 slices of bread, maybe a bit more depending on how well you soak the bread.

Mix it all together and prepare your bread.Β I would suggest you choose a filling that adequately sticks the bread together, but hey it’s up to you.

Filling of strawberry, nutella and choc chips

Filling of strawberry, nutella and choc chips

Then put the bread together and press firmly to ensure it stays together. Dip each side of your ‘sandwich’ into the mixture and place onto a pan with browned butter. Cook till golden on each side and the filling is all nice and melty.


IMG_2932 IMG_2930 IMG_2929

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