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Mrs S Maylands

Mrs S can be found on a nostalgic little corner near the Maylands train station. It specializes in good food and coffee with a vintage twist, a mix of comfort food from childhood with a touch of modern sophistication and seasonal produce. We’ve been a couple of times before it got big and we weren’t really that impressed, it was good food, but nothing fabulous and not worth braving the weekend crowds for. After seeing a recent photo of one of their breakfasts we decided to try it again, and this time it really did live up to the hype.

The atmosphere as you walk in the door is the same, bright, cheery, and both somehow vintage and modern at the same time. The menus sit on tables inside childhood classics, picture books that make me nostalgic and I’m not even long past a babe myself. The counter top is laden with sweets, to tempt you, as well as cute cards and baking paraphernalia to take a little bit of the vintage bake shop feel home with you.


The beautiful artwork on the wall always catches my eye, and I can’t help but choose a table facing it just so I can glance up and admire it at my leisure.


We ordered coffees and an apple juice to start. The apple juice was he real winner, so tasty and refreshing. The coffee was good, flavoursome though initially a touch bitter.



Once again we went for a sweet and savory option. First came the sweet, panacotta with quinoa and cinnamon crumble, banana, blueberries, edible flowers and coconut yougurt. Aside from looking like a work of art it was also absolutely delicious, crunchy, sweet, smooth and fresh. The flavours worked together so well and the contrasting textures added a new dimension to the dish.


The savory dish was an avocado smash bruschetta, with tomato, goats curd and crunchy chickpeas. It was served with a hot sauce. The toast was crunchy and delicious, and went well with the creamy goats curd, avocado and the hint of garlic.


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  1. the best of the lot so far Suzz. Very well presented….and it is in this neck of the woods..

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