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Wagamama Subiaco

After having heard that Wagamama in subi have a student discount (15% normally or 20% between 2pm-6pm), we headed over there for a feed.

We started with a juice, it was obviously freshly made with apple, mint and lime. It was lovely and refreshing and a good way to begin our meal.


The food comes out as ready, so we were next treated to sweet potato chips, with basil and wasabi aioli as well as chicken Kara age. The chips were the clear winner, flavoursome and crunchy with a hit of heat from the wasabi. The karaage was crisp, with a little spice and garlic.


Next came the first main, chicken kare lomen, a spicy coconut based soup. The flavoursome spices were well balanced with delicious noodles and a tasty soup.


We also opted for the chicken tama rice, which consisted of marinated grilled chicken, stir fried with onion, mushroom and zucchini, served with a thickened sauce on a bed of Japanese rice. The broth was flavoursome but light and complimented the chicken and rice well.


Head over to Wagamama for Asian delights and a relaxed dining experience,

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  1. went there years ago. Not a bad place. Up to your usual high standard of reportage.

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