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Duende Leederville


On a quiet Sunday morning we headed over to Duende leederville for breakfast. This tapas restaurant is across the road from Sayers food and was noticeably less busy. The best part of my meal was what came before it, a beautiful home made strawberry and kiwi lemonade in a darling glass bottle. The flavours were fresh and while sweet, it wasn’t overwhelmingly so.


Unfortunately the next part of my meal didn’t live up to the standard. I got the granola with fruit and buffalo yogurt, however the fruit appeared to have been dried or stewed, so much so that it was all a brown colour, with a chewy texture and sickly sweet. The different fruits became indistinguishable in flavour and because there were in large chunks it was too strong and the granola was lost. However the granola and yogurt was lovely, it had a nice crunch and good mix of flavour and texture.


We also ordered the eggs Benedict, and though I didn’t taste it, I have been lead to believe that it was delicious and the eggs were soft poached to perfection. You can make up your own mind!


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