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Tuck Shop Tasty

No I’m not referring to your school tuck shop, with sausage rolls from a packet and questionable sushi. I mean the Tuck Shop Cafe in Northbridge, a great place for a mid week breakfast or brunch.

We started with a couple of coffees, they use Toby’s Estate beans. The flavour was initially a little bitter but the texture was smooth and the microfoam creamy with a good level of foam for a latte.


On the menu today was breakfast bruschetta, as well as baked beans, ham hock and parmesan toast.


As you can see the serving is very generous. With beautiful layers of tomato, basil, bacon, avocado and goats curd spread across the toast the flavour combination is divine. Plus it looks damn good. The meal itself was light, but the large serving leaves you nice and full.


The baked beans were a heavier meal with rich flavours. The stand out for me was the parmesan toast, it added that little extra twist on the regular baked bean breakfast.


Unable to resist the proposition of fresh milkshakes we got both the caramel and the strawberry. The flavour different between this and one of those syrupy milkshakes at the local cafe is significant. It may not have the bright artificial colouring but damn it tastes good, having that little clump of strawberry or sweet caramel hit is just a testament to it’s freshness.

Have you been to the Tuck Shop? Let me know what you thought in the comments!

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