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Why French Toast?

French toast is my all time favourite breakfast by a long shot, and I’m going to attempt to tell you why (mouth-watering food photos definitely included!)

I first discovered French Toast when a friend made it on a road trip, how I managed the first 18 years of my life without it astounds me, and I have been making up for the lost years ever since.

So what is it exactly?

French toast is basically bread soaked in egg (and generally milk) and fried. There both savoury and sweet versions. French toast has a long history over a number of countries. There are records of bread soaked in milk, as a sweet dish in 4th and 5th century Rome, 14th century Germany, and across Denmark, Norway, Sweden in Finland. French toast has a history of being referred to as pain perdu, or ‘lost bread’ in french, because it was used to save bread that had gone stale. It was not necessarily had as breakfast, and could be a day time meal, or dessert.

The term ‘French Toast’ is believed to have come about because it was bought to America by French immigrants, not because the recipe originated in France.

Sweet French Toast: The most common french toast that you’ll see at your local breakfast venue and my personal favourite. Sweet French toast can be made with whatever you desire, though common pairings include vanilla bean, honey, various fruits (poached or fresh), ice cream or cream, maple syrup or powdered sugar are also common.

Savoury French Toast: A less common form of French toast is savoury, and is more often called ‘eggy bread’ and served with tomato sauce and cheese.

Stuffed French Toast: French Toast has also been made in a stuffed version were some sort of filling goes between two pieces of french toast. In Italy this is often mozzarella cheese, while in Scotland they would have it with sausages. Loo out for a post on this topic at a later date.

Some of my recent favourites and where to find them –

(Check out more food photos @frenchtoastandindiepop on instagram)


Sweet French Toast – Gusto Food South Perth

Sweet French Toast – Bond Store Melbourne


Golden French Toast – Typika Claremont


Brioche French Toast – Typika Claremont

Coconut French Toast – Gordon Street Garage West Perth

And for that late night snack you could always try soaking in wine instead of milk like they do in Spain…

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  1. Catherine says

    I didn’t know people ate French toast with tomato sauce. Ewwww. 🙂

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